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It's no wonder all these kids can't wait to take off to college or university... cause what's happening in those dorms is definitely much, much more than just studying 24/7! Here you have a chance to see (if you haven't already) how some of these dorm rooms, can turn into Sodom and Gomorra real fast! And DareDorm.com which is an amateur collage site, is here to encourage collage students to organize wild and crazy, sex parties and put it all on film! Here's the catch... the one dorm room with only "real" college students, who organizes the best drinking and fucking party and submits the film... will win $10.000!!! There's been over 20 hi-def porn movies submitted and one amateur collage movie from Texas, has already been awarded the big prize!

The movies I checked out are usually a combination of either two or three students having all kinds of entertaining sex, but some can involve over a dozen of sex addicted participants... which makes for a whole lot of fun, hd porn viewing! Even though 20 high definition amateur collage vids, doesn't seem a lot, they do run for about 60 minutes and I have to say... it was extremely, cock hardening stuff to watch! This hi-definition amateur college site, seems to update their inventory every 1 or maybe 2 weeks or so , but I guess that depends on how many hd porn videos they receive! Every episode are accompanied with a set of vid caps plus a full-length video which is available to stream in an embedded Flash player! You have a choice of three different quality options which includes an High Definition 1280 x 720 one! The lower quality ones, are all of excellent quality as well! Also enjoy all of their photo galleries and pics which are all, in excellent quality too!

Now, here's the big question though... are all these, totally entertaining hi-def amateur collage porn videos really real! Oh, don't get me wrong... they are definitely very realistic the way they come across, with lots of laughing and talking! But sometimes it feels just a bit to organized... like mentioning the sites name in the end and so on! And I think I recognized one of the students, as being a more seasoned porn enthusiast, from other High def movies I watched... but I'm not totally sure of that! The site is really easy to navigate through and the home page is very attractive and inviting... showing of naked girls, in all kinds of different scenarios and sex encounters! Anyway in conclusion, these "quote on quote" amateur collage movies are to me, as entertaining as any other porn flick I indulged in... and sometimes even better! I think this hd amateur porn site has lots of potential, to become a real money maker in the future... both for the students as well as the creators!

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