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HD Love is one of the newest HD porn sites to come out and this has got to be the best quality site on the web right now. The best thing about the site itself is the elegant simplicity of it. When you first log in you are greeted with the newest uploaded videos to the site and these videos are extremely sexy. The amount of content on the site is very low since they have just started and you are only looking at 10 movies to choose from at this time.

Since there is only ten movies on HD Love right now I can not determine what their update schedule is, if I had to take a guess I would say about a video each week maybe every two weeks but with the quality of content that I have seen I have no problem waiting for the newest movies. I am really excited to see what they are going to upload next. The next thing I noticed when I first logged in was that they have a easy to use menu and it only has a few things. It has a link to their updates, Bonus Videos, a dating website, live cams, and a discount section if you want to get great deals on other site.

The videos themselves are great you can track through the videos very easily and go to your favorite scene in seconds while streaming it directly off the site. You will also have the option of viewing the photo sets or screen captures from the movie from the site or you can download them in zip sets to your desktop. There are about 100 to 600 pics per set and they are all high quality and give you great closeups on the girls for each scene.

With a price of 24.95 I think it is a great deal and in a couple of months they will have a bunch of new content as hot and high quality as the ones that are already on the site. It is a very nice site with simple designs that will keep you coming back and I know that I am going to renew my membership when it expires.

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