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Playboy has always been one of the best companies in the business and now that they have some of the best websites online they have gotten even better. With sites like Hardcore Partying and Summer Lovin you will not be disappointed with the tons of content they have. Now Playboy TV has been around for quite a while and now that they are online it makes it easier to access all the great content they offer without waiting for them to broadcast the show you want.

With 43 sites that you get access to you will never run out of content to enjoy unless you spend the rest of your life watching. They have over one thousand videos on Playboy.tv and they shoot at various locations around the world. They have tons of different shows and all of them have the feel of more mainstream television and gives you more of a break from what you see at other sites

Being that it is Playboy you get the highest quality for your money. These are all HD movies and can be streamed as an MP4 and looks great. Each video is about 30 minutes to an hour and put most other sites to shame. The only thing that makes us sad about this site is that you can not download the videos. Now this is only a problem if you do not have a great internet connection but so far we have not had a problem and can not complain. We highly recommend you to sign up.

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