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Can She Take It is another hot babes taking big cock website but this one has a refreshing twist to it. This site has porn competitions. they take hot pornstars and put them in all kinds of goffy competitions like cock arm wrestling, watersliding into a big dick and seeing who can take a dick deepest in their throat. It is a very unique twist on the whole big dick niche but I personally think it is a welcome new style giving you a hot story that goes along with super hot porn. Now the only thing I have had a problem with is that they have stopped uploading new videos leaving you with around 30 to enjoy. It makes you wonder if they were not thinking or there we other problems that lead to them not uploading new content.

All the grief with no new content aside you still have a really good site with tons of hot pornstars going at it with a big dick in hand. They have a really good site that is easy to navigate and gives you their newest videos right at the home page of the members area. They have a fair amount of good quality movies and you get the option to stream them live from the site of you can choose from a few different download formats and with no download limit it is a great deal.

Now for only 24.98 a month you get one hell of a deal because not only do you get access to Can She Take It but you also get access to all the bonus site that it comes with. So when you run out of stuff to watch on Can She Take It you can just pop over to Pervs On Patrol or Real Slut Party to enjoy the hundreds of videos and pictures on those site and trust us they are just as good with hot storyline to go along with all the dirty hot fucking and sucking in every video. Mofos has made their mark in the porn industry and they keep coming out with great quality videos that is why you should head over there now and check them out.

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